Putting A Quote Together For Your Event

Evidently Memory Lane Films has videographers at a hugely diverse range of live events; it would be impossible to put a pricing structure in place that would be representative for all of them. Through experience, we have come to the decision that we would prefer to speak to our clients to gain a complete understanding of exactly what you are looking for, before we throw a price on our videography services. So give us a bell, tell us exactly what you are looking for, and we will tailor a quote to suit you!

A few things to bear in mind…

There are a number of things that we will take into account before we quote for your event video. Below are a few things that you might want ponder before you speak with us:

  • How many camera operators do you think you will need?
  • Do you need a designated sound team?
  • Where is your event happening? Is it in more than one location?
  • Roughly what is the duration of your event?
  • What does the final product look like to you?
  • How many copies of the video are you looking for?

If you’re all set, give us a call. You could also think about having a look at our FAQs or our Top Tips for more information about what we think about when quoting for our event videography services. 


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