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Tried of trawling? Want your questions answered now? Before you pick up the blower, have a little look through our frequently asked questions, and the answers to them of course. You could also have a look at our top tips. Hopefully, you will find what you are looking for, but if not – you know what to do.

What's the point in an event video?

This one is easy. First and foremost, humans don't read any more. Still with us? People are trading in images more and more – long wordy explanations of your event don't serve to attract people - they want it short and sharp. 160 characters, vintage photographs, or cool punchy videos. Moreover, Google is paying more and more attention to image and video content. So if you are looking to get your website on the first page for whatever it is that you do, this is the way to tell your story in the modern world. Back to the top.

How will our event video be delivered?

However you like. Your video is yours to do with as you please, so if you want it up on Vimeo for a little while, then we can make this happen. If you would like a movie file of the original video, then we can send this over. Or if you perhaps have an in-house team of editors, we can always stick all of the footage on a big old hard drive for you. We do not do in-house mass DVD production, but we can supply you with a few copies of an original DVD for you to get copied to your heart's content! Back to the top.

Is everything to do with our video tailor made?

Yes indeed. Your video is built from the ground up, tailored completely to your event. If you look at our pricing section, you will see that we do not offer a price plan for our videography services. This is because every event is different, and in the same way we would not presume to make your event fit into our pre-conceived template. The idea is that you approach us with your event, tell us exactly what form you would like your video to take, we mull it over and let you know what we can offer! Back to the top.

Do you film in HD?

Simply put - yes. We operate state of the art High Definition cameras and edit your footage and export it in HD, so all of our videos are in full 1080p HD. Of course, in today's world there are formats that surpass even this, so if you are looking for a video that is that little bit better, just get in touch and we will let you know what is on offer. Back to the top.

Would you like to see more of our videos?

Thank you kindly. There are multiple platforms on which you can have a look at more of our stuff. First and foremost, are you sure you have properly plumbed the depths of our samples section? If that is the case, to get instant updates on our whereabouts, Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter . Most of all, check out and subscribe to our Vimeo channel for more of our sample films. If you would like to read more about us, there is our about us section too. Back to the top.

What's the catch?

No catch, just a few rules and regs. Have a gander at our Terms and Conditions. Back to the top.

How do we book your videographers?

Get in touch, make sure that we are free for your day, and then just fill out the booking form and make a deposit, which is 33% of our agreed fee, with the remainder due two weeks before the day of your event. You can pay us in all sorts of ways, including bank transfer, cheque, Paypal, or cold hard cash. Once this is done, you're all booked in and we can arrange a time to discuss your event in full, down to the smallest detail. You might want to have a look at our top tips before you go ahead, but we certainly won't stop you! Back to the top.

What sort of deposit do you ask for?

Nothing that will in any way break the bank. We ask for 33% of your video fee to be paid as a deposit, with the balance due two weeks before the event date. However, we are more than happy for you to pay in instalments if this is what you would like to do, just remember that the balance has to be cleared two weeks before the date of the event. Get in touch with us today to arrange a booking. Back to the top.

How will you know what to shoot at the event?

You'll tell us! Once you're booked in for the big day we will have a long chat about everything from your event that you would like to be included in your video, from the length to the structure, the content to the style. We'll make sure that your video is tailored to your exact specifications. And let's not forget that we've been shooting videos for a little while, and that our videographers have experience with short films, documentaries and music video, as well as countless event videos, so once we have your specifications, we will apply a bit of our imagination and flair too. Back to the top.

Can we pay in monthly installments?

Indeed you can – we understand that not everyone (including us) has the fee for an event video lying in a safe deposit box somewhere. If you would like to pay us one month at a time, we are more than happy for this to happen. Just remember that we like to have everything settled up two weeks before the date of the event. Shoot across to our pricing section to see what we have to say about this. Back to the top.

What will you wear on the day of the event?

Whatever you like. The idea is that we blend inconspicuously into the background, allowing us to shoot as much as we like without getting in the way or making people at your event uncomfortable. Just let us know how you would like us to be kitted out and we'll be there, spit and polished! Back to the top.

Do you offer different kinds of packaging?

Do we ever! There are quite a few packaging options offered by Memory Lane Films. No matter what format you decide you would like your event video to be delivered in, we make sure that it is packaged in something that looks positively wonderful sitting on the shelf. We'll also do our best to fashion something (not ourselves obviously) that fits with the themes or colour schemes of your event. Ask us about this during our pre-event consultation. Back to the top.

Can our event video be made available to watch online?

We offer several ways and means for your video to be online. Most easily, we can supply you with the original video file, in which case you can upload it wherever and whenever you like. Alternatively, we can host it on our Vimeo channel for a little while, allowing you to send a link to everyone that you would like to see it. So in short, your event video is yours to do with as you please, and we will do everything we can to ensure that it is viewable online in full HD. Back to the top.

What is the running time of the final video?

This depends entirely on your event, but evidently the price of our videography services will reflect the length of video that you go for. You might decide you just want a little two minute sizzle reel to wow your clients, but equally you might want a dinner, speeches and dances shot and included in an hour long epic to be given to all of your guests as a lasting memory of a great night. You might want an entire birthday party filmed, from the guests arriving to everyone going to bed after dancing their socks off, or you might just want us there for Dad's speech. You just let us know. Back to the top.

Where are your videography services available?

Globally. Anywhere that you wish. We love the opportunity to travel, and to film in unusual places, so just let us know where you would like us, and there we will be. Best of all, as long as your event is not anywhere too remote, we are prepared to travel at no extra cost for mileage and travel time. These boots, as they say, were made for walking. Back to the top.

How long do you take to edit?

Generally we take between 8-10 weeks for each event video that we shoot and edit. However, depending on the length of the video, it could certainly be less than this. We understand that this is quite a while, but we allow ourselves a margin to make sure that the video we deliver to you is as good as it can be. Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say (but then, look what happened to Rome…). Don't underestimate the amount of work that remains after your video has been shot by our videographers. The footage has to be reviewed to attain all of the best clips, edited to your music, with sound synchronised if necessary, and then colour graded to make everyone even prettier than usual. Quality takes time!

However, if you have a time limit on the delivery of your video, then just us let us know at the outset, and we can review our workload and see if this is something we are in a position to deliver to your deadline. Back to the top.

How big is your team of videographers?

Again, this depends on the size of your event and your video requirements. We would always suggest that multiple videographers (generally two) is advisable, as it allows our team to be in more than one place simultaneously, or should the event demand it, to shoot a variety of angles of the same shot. This can seriously increase the quality and scope of your event video. We can also shoot reaction shots if we have more than one operator, so if you have a live act – be it music, dance or drama – we can shoot the audience as well as the performer. Quite simply, there can be so much going on at an event, and one videographer can have too much to do to record everything to the best of their abilities. If it is just a little fly on the wall shoot, with the result being a 5-minute long video, then we're sure a single videographer will do just fine! Back to the top.

Can you guarantee that your videographers won't get in the way?

We are there to perform in whatever way you need us. If you would like our videography team to fade into the background, then that is just what we will do. If you need us to take a bigger involvement, and actually direct things a little bit, then we'll step right up. You evidently don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, much less inhibit the success of the event of your event with a huge camera crew. We specialise in remaining inconspicuous; assessing the space on arrival at the event, and balancing the quality of our shots with remaining discreet. All of our equipment is small and lightweight, and our style generally dictates that we simply do not need huge, heavyweight tripods or similarly obtrusive gear. And this is all without compromising any quality. Sound is an equally important part of your video, and our audio equipment is just the same as our visual; we use a variety of unnoticeable microphones to capture all of the sound from your event, no matter what the source is. Of course, if you don't mind about discretion and simply want to get the best quality video available then we can certainly talk about it.  Back to the top.

Can you take photographs too?

We're afraid not – not at this stage. While photography and videography are similar disciplines, there is a completely skillset to both. Photography is something we are looking to incorporate into our services at some point, and there are of course loads of photographers with whom we have worked in the past, but at this stage, photography is not part of the services that we offer. Back to the top.

I have a photographer for the event – can you work alongside?

Of course. As you would expect, our teams of videographers have worked beside loads of photographers in the past, and we can say, hand on heart, that we have never had a problem with any of them. They are generally nice people, and we all understand that we are there to do a job, and can be flexible with our shot choices to make sure that you get the best of both worlds. Your photographer might have a specific style that you would like us to duplicate – just let us know and we can make sure that we have a discussion beforehand. Back to the top.

What cameras do you use?

Memory Lane Films makes sure that it stays up to date with the technological advances, and offer what we feel the best balance between discretion, cost and quality. This means that while you might find better quality elsewhere, it will unquestionably with much bigger, more cumbersome equipment . We use professional edit suites, with all of your final films exported in full HD. Back to the top.

Do your videographers travel abroad?

Natürlich! We love to travel anywhere in the world and have made videos in all sorts of interesting and exotic locations. The best place to read more about our international is our international events section (you don't say…), where you can also watch examples of the event videos we have shot abroad. Back to the top.

Will you edit our archive footage?

Absolutely – there's nothing we like more than a bit of retro footage! If you have videos from previous events, even if they are on old VHS, we can do our best to include them in your video, or as a special feature in your final package. Just let us know what bits you would like to include. Back to the top.

Can we just rent the cameras from you?

We're afraid we do not offer a shoot it yourself videography option, simply because we won't feel that it gives us the best results. While we are more than happy to offer retrospective editing, including your old footage in your film, we have felt in the past that we could have produced a considerably better video if we had operated the cameras, rather than members of the public. Back to the top.



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