A Few Little Caveats

Before you go ahead and book our team of videographers for your event (as we know you are itching to do), we need to talk about a few things to make sure filming your event goes as smoothly as possible. Nothing to worry about; we just need to make sure you’re cool with the following.

Your Event Video Booking

You’re only booked in for your event once your booking form is filled in and we have received the event deposit of 33% of your video package fee. We receive enquiries almost constantly; it stands to reason that we will get asked about the same date occasionally. Until we have your deposit and the booking form in our hands, your date is still open for booking. Make sure that we are available for the date of your event, and then make a booking as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

All deposits are non-refundable (sorry…)

Our Travel Expenses

There’s good news and there’s bad news. First of and foremost, we don’t charge any extra for travel time for international events, nor do we charge for travel days if you are abroad. We do, however, charge extra for flights, travel and accommodation. Of course, everything is discussed before booking, but we will arrange everything long before the event, subject to your budget.

Best of all, we are not in the habit of charging extra for travel to events within the UK, though it can depend on juts how remote the destination is from our Glasgow location.

On The Day Of The Event

Memory Lane Films will make sure is everything all set to go before the day of the event, but if these arrangements are disrupted by acts of God or situations outwith our control, to the extent that our shooting is disturbed or even cancelled completely, then we cannot be held responsible. Your event should be insured to ensure that you are protected against that could jeopardise its going off smoothly. Additionally, any choices made by those taking part including your guests, acts or officiators that cause the disruption or cancellation of the day would result in our retaining the full cost of our services. We can always reschedule, but this would of course have to be subject to our availability.

We keep our kit spick and span all of the time, but if something should go wrong with any of it that results in a decline in quality of your event video, or circumstances outside of our control causes the videographer to be late or absent from the event, we will of course have a discourse regarding partial compensation. That being said, if someone else does the damage, then we’re afraid we can’t offer any money back. This is obviously very unlikely, and we will do our best to make sure that this does not happen.

The day of the event is supposed to be fun and stress free, and we love not only filming, but getting involved too. The more immersive the process is for the videographer the better, with the guests becoming more and more happy for them to be around. However, a there has to be a limit somewhere; we are there with a job to do. If we feel that a line is being crossed, and we are being maltreated in any way, physically or verbally, then we will at our own discretion discontinue our videography and leave the event, sending you what we have recorded further down the line. We would also retain the full cost of our services. That being said, we have a very thick skin, so if everyone is (relatively) sensible then there’ll be no problem!

Our Event Video Editing

We combine our experience and discretion with the particulars that we discuss with you during your pre-event consultation to ensure that we capture everything that you would like on your big day. Please be aware that this as far as it can go; if something is not discussed before the event, and we do not have time, or deem another situation more important on the day, then we cannot guarantee that we will capture the shot.

Once the final video is finished, we will deliver it to you in the pre-arranged format. Unfortunately we have to charge for any changes that you would like to be made to the event video, as this incurs more time in the edit suite. If the hardware is faulty then it can be replaced up to a week after the receipt of the video. Any technical mistakes – sound falling out of synchronisation, a mismatch in colour grading etc. – will of course be corrected without charge.

The Finished Article

As discussed in other areas of this website, we do not do same day or even next week edits. We pride ourselves on spending a great deal of time and attention on each of our event videos, so each edit generally takes around 8 and 10 weeks. This is not a concrete figure, but it will certainly be no longer, but it depends a great deal on the time of year. All of the timings will be discussed with you in our pre-event consultation.

Please remember, if there is music in your video, then we will need music to be finalised before we can begin an edit, as we need to know what rhythm or pattern your video will be cut too. It helps if your videographer knows the music before he shoots on the day, but we do not insist on this, but we do like to have the details of your music choices before the date of your event, as it means there is no stress afterwards.

Video Rights

Memory Lane Films retains the rights to any and all footage that we shoot, at any of our events. Don’t worry, we won’t use any footage of any one in (too many) compromising positions – we just want to be able to use our video material for advertising purposes!


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